Saturday, December 14, 2019

Water Fun Day!

We had so much fun at Clive School when we celebrated our Water Fun Day.
Here are a few happy snaps of the students involved in 'Ice Curling'.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Royal Jelly Show

How lucky were we last week to have the Royal Jelly Show at Clive School?

The Clive Kids were entertained by two actresses from Auckland who presented a show full of learning and laughter. 
At the conclusion of the show, we were all left with a very important message about sustainability and the important role of bees in nature!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Cross Country

A big well done to all of our Middle School Cross Country competitors on their run today! The sun was shining but the wind was certainly blowing and this made for some difficult running conditions.

From our competitors, we saw grit, we saw determination, we saw sweat, we saw tears and we saw hard work paying off!

Here are the results from today;

Year 3 Girls
1st - Charlie May
2nd - Medow-Rose
Joint 3rd - Coco and Lily
5th - Kenzie
6th - Kelly

Year 3 Boys
1st - Arthur
2nd - Zachariah
3rd - Zac W
Joint 4th - Tadhg and Theo

Year 4 Girls
Joint 1st - Lauren and Crystal
Joint 3rd - Hannah and Indie T
5th - Erin

Year 4 Boys
1st - Tighe
2nd - Ranginui
3rd - Jackson
4th - Luke
Joint 5th - Jai and Dean

A special mention to the runners pictured above. After some confusion with the course instructions on the first race of the event, they opted to run it a second time. What an incredible effort, Year 3 girls!

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

iWay Scooter Trip

A massive THANK YOU to all parents, caregivers, teachers and iWay instructors who have worked with our Clive Kids and helped them to become safer when riding their scooters. We had a great trip today, travelling by bus then by scooter from Clive, through Hastings then back to Clive. The highlight was definitely finishing at the Skate Park, having a bit of fun and enjoying a quick demo session from Alex Madsen who recently placed second in the World Roller Games in Barcelona.

In the words of our students, teachers and parents;

We have been learning about scooter safety and we took a trip to the skate park in Hastings - Maxi

We got to meet Alex Madsen who is a World Champion. She showed us the 'buttercup' which is her favourite trick to perform - Hannah

We all love iWay - Tadhg

Clive Kids were the best behaved students at the skate park and we are all so proud of the way they represent Clive School out in public - Nikki Palamountain

The Middle School students were so polite and I have loved spending my morning helping out - Lauren Bradbury

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Skills in Schools - Volleyball

This week we have the team from 'Skills in Schools' working with our learners to develop their volleyball skills. During the first session today, we had a go at the overhand serve and the spike serve. We look forward to further developing our knowledge of this sport and our techniques as the week progresses.

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Reading Hive

In the Reading Hive each week, the Middle School students complete a number of tasks. One of the tasks is known as the Crafty Station. At this station, the children read or watch their instructions and use their understanding of these to complete the task. This week, they are painting Pet Rocks.

Check out some of the crafty creations below;

Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Cross Country Training

Our Cross Country training is well and truly underway in the Middle School as we prepare for next week's big event. The Clive Kids have been aiming to go a little further or a little faster each time they train. It is great to see the determination on their faces as they run the course.

Water Fun Day!

We had so much fun at Clive School when we celebrated our Water Fun Day. Here are a few happy snaps of the students involved in 'Ice Cu...